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YouTube, LLC is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California.

San Bruno, CA, United States
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YouTube Piggybacks BlinkBox, Others To Kick Off UK Movie Ambitions
YouTube Piggybacks BlinkBox, Others To Kick Off UK Movie Ambitions
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Concert Database Songkick Feeds YouTube, Vevo
Bookings Low? Google Ad Takes Over YouTube Homepage
STV Becomes YouTube’s Third UK TV Shows Supplier
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The Cost Of Front Page Regime Change – YouTube: £50k?, The Sun: Priceless
Hitler Virals’ Downfall Sees Film Owner At Odds With Remixers
YouTube Confirms Live Cricket Deal; Not In U.S.; Big Ad Push
Live Indian Premier League cricket ‘to be shown on YouTube’
YouTube To Show Live Indian Premier League Cricket?
YouTube, iPlayer, Sky? Who’ll win the mass market for video on demand?
YouTube Renegotiates Another Music Contract
Sky Doesn’t Fancy YouTube Route Yet; No Subscription Option
YouTube Lands Five’s Shows, A Win For Its VOD Ambition
YouTube Pumps UK ‘Shows’ Portal To Woo Broadcasters
YouTube Begins UK Long-Form TV VOD: C4 Signed, May Get ITV
Report: YouTube Beefing Up Video Rights Detection
YouTube/PRS Details: Advance Payment, Three-Year Deal, Figures Secret
YouTube Resolves UK Music Royalties Dispute, Will Start Paying Again
YouTube’s Hurley Bankrolling US F1; Plans Video Content, Social Media
Music Labels Playing More YouTube ‘Whack-a-Mole’, Calvin Caught In The Net
Warner Music Still Holding Out On, YouTube
Warner Music Still Holding Out On YouTube,
Broadband Content Bits: Viadeo, ITN on YouTube, MuZu and more
ITV’s Grade: ‘YouTube’s Boyle Offer Was Derisory’
Ad Sales Wins: Myvideorights On YouTube, Yahoo Sells
Boyle Embeds Banned As Talent Follow-Up Nears Another Record
Updated: PRS Slashes Streaming Music Rates; YouTube Still Negotiating
A Break For Music Sites: UK Royalty Body Slashes Streaming Rates
Boyle’s Back, But Talent Still Lacks YouTube Juice
Boyle’s Back, But Talent Still Lacks YouTube Juice
Broadcasters Test Pre-Roll Ads On YouTube Clips
BBCWW Re-Ups YouTube Pact, Adds More Clips, Full-Length Too
YouTube On Boyle-Mania: ‘Ad Format Is Not The Sticking Point’
YouTube Still Talking With UK, Germany Royalty Societies
Sarah Brightman’s Ex Suing YouTube On Copyright
Coke’s Social Reality Drama On YouTube Turns Us A Bit Green
YouTube’s Soccer Video Takedowns Extend To Match-Goers’ Own Footage
Now YouTube stops the music in Germany
Now YouTube Stops The Music In Germany; Rates ’50 Times Higher’ Than UK
PRS Steps Up YouTube Fight With Pro-Artist Petition Site
YouTube Dominates UK Online Video; Microsoft, Yahoo, MySpace Lose Out
Why YouTube’s PRS spat is just one battle in the coming online music war
Why YouTube’s UK Spat Is Just One Battle In The Coming Online Music War
Why YouTube’s PRS Spat Is Just One Battle In The Coming Online Music War
YouTube-PRS: Last.FM, We7 Vent About License Fees; Billy Bragg Calls Google Move ‘Menacing’
YouTube’s UK Music Deal Breaks Down Over Costs; Thousands Of Videos Blocked
YouTube’s UK Music Deal Breaks Down Over Costs; Thousands Of Videos Blocked
Hulu Syndicating Through ‘French YouTube’ Dailymotion – In US Only
Social Nets’ Child Safety Pledge: Five Ways To Prevent Cyber-Bullying
Broadband Content Bits: Lloyd Webber On YouTube, Go!View Additions, iPlayer On Virgin
Python Goes Legit On YouTube; Better Than Slap In Face With Wet Fish
X-Factor Maker Fremantle Partners With YouTube
Broadband Content Bits: Aardman/YouTube, Bebo/DanceJam, UK Music
C4’s Duncan Urges YouTube ‘Give Money Back To TV Producers’
Digital Music Royalties Grow; YouTube Becoming A Big Money-Spinner
Queen At Google: Uploading Skateboarding Corgi Vid To YouTube?
Broadband Content Bits: MoMedia/Go!View, Disney/MSN, Myvideorights/YouTube, KamikazeCookery, Warner
Broadband Content Bits: Tesco-Warner, BlinkBox-All3Media, EastEnders-YouTube
YouTube Offers Subtitles For Non-English-Speakers And Hard-Of-Hearing
Uri Geller Bends On YouTube Copyright Case, Licenses Video After All
Govt Wants Power To Remove Videos From YouTube, All UGC Sites
Spain’s Telecinco TV Net Claims Victory In YouTube Copyright Injunction
Viacom-YouTube: User Logs Will Be Anonymized
YouTube Ads ‘Underperforming’ At $200 Million A Year, Pre-Rolls Coming?: Report
Viacom-YouTube Case: Google Doesn’t Have To Reveal Innermost Secrets
Spain’s Telecinco TV Channel Sues YouTube, Seeks Damages
Spain’s Telecinco TV Channel Sues YouTube, Seeks Damages
Broadband Content Bits: BBC Video Increase, Video Traffic Up
Dailymotion Adds HD, Leaps Over YouTube For Video Quality
YouTube Contributor Rev Share Now Open In UK
Updated: iPlayer Falls Short Of YouTube, Doesn’t Need TV Licence
TF1 To Sue Dailymotion, YouTube With
YouTube Says ‘Hallo, Deutschland’ With Music License Agreement
New Web TV Entrant WorldTV Republishes Online Video As Playlists With Ads
Broadband Content Bits: ITN On iTunes; YouTube NZ Adds Music Videos Mashed From YouTube
Broadband Content Bits: ITN/YouTube, Archers Podcast, Kewego/Truveo
Broadband Content Bits EU: YouTube, Telegraph, Canal+ ADSL, Aardman, BBC iPlayer
YouTube Ad Overlays Response – Some Users, Rivals Complain; Others Cautiously Optimistic
YouTube Japan Second After U.S.; New Partners But Copyright Concerns Persist
Viacom-Google Copyright Case Underway; YouTube To Add Video Fingerprinting This Fall
YouTubers call shots in CNN presidential debate
Broadband Content Bits UK/EU: BSkyB/Jalipo; C4/Emap; Nuts TV; YouTube
Newspapers trusted over internet for politics
Anti-Paris TV anchor praised by web viewers
Pot Noodle launches UGC ad campaign on YouTube
New PM boosts Downing Street YouTube traffic
Car bomb eyewitness becomes web news star
AdSense for YouTube video ads spotted
BBC Targets Million Annual iPlayer Users, Allows Some YouTube Abuse
Corrected: Euro Soccer Leagues Encourages Members To Join YouTube Suit; Objects To Localized Sites
Kiwi Network TVNZ Partners With YouTube, Adds Own Branding To Channel
YouTube Launches Nine Country Sites; UK, Brazil, Japan Included
French Sport Bodies, Cherry Lane Join YouTube Copyright Suit
Sky gives bird’s eye news view
‘YouTube Is Not Yet TV’, EC Says, Clarifying New Rules
EMI, YouTube Agree Music Use Arrangement, Mash-Ups Covered
iTunes Beaten On McCartney Releases, YouTube Debuts Singer’s Latest
Search engines drive more readers to news sites
RTL Considers Acquisitions, Fighting YouTube, MySpace Threat
BBC Cannot Expand YouTube Partnership Without Trust Approval
YouTube ordered to remove World Cup clips
Google embeds YouTube videos in AdSense
YouTube ‘more popular than TV’
YouTube views boost CBS ratings
Utube sues YouTube, seeking pay-out