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Videology is an advertising software company based in New York City.

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Videology Sees Linear TV Ads Grow Programmatically
Addressable TV Innovation Will Start in Europe, Invidi’s CEO Dave Downey
The ‘P Word’ & The Automated Future Of TV: A Panel Debates w/ Videology, Clypd & DataXu
No Point In Point Solutions For Videology’s Jamboretz
Start ‘Em Young: Affinity Is Born Early: Videology CEO Ferber
Gaskamp On Videology’s Transition To A SaaS Business
Now Car Makers Can Find Specific Customers On TV, Through Videology
To Disrupt TV, Work With It, Not Against It: Videology’s Eisenstein
Broadcasters Fear Tech Giants: Videology’s Jamboretz
Videology Boosts Demographic Targeting With Publisher Data
TV Companies ‘Catching Up To Advertisers’ For Ad-Tech, Videology’s Jamboretz
Outstream Ads Solve Quality Supply Problem: Videology’s Jamboretz
Combining Linear And Digital Ads Boosts ROI: Videology Research
Targeted TV Ads Reduce Channel Hopping: Videology’s Block
Videology Eyes Programmatic’s Missing 99% With AT&T Deal, CEO Ferber explains
Tech Stack ‘Fiefdoms’ Will Consolidate, According To MediaMath, Videology & Google
US Election Will Drive Programmatic Momentum: says DashBid, MediaMath, Rubicon Project, SpotX & Videology
Can Programmatic And Guarantees Exist In Harmony? Answers from GroupM, Google, MediaMath, Target and Videology
Adobe’s TVMM Is First OTT TV SSP: Videology’s Gaskamp
Videology’s Castree on Segmented Market Opportunities
Addressable TV Limited Today, Mainstream Tomorrow: Videology’s Ferber
Context Of Viewing Still Matters To Ads: Videology’s CEO
Castree On Videology’s “Sand, Rocks & Boulders”
Advertisers’ Three Tech Challenges, According To Videology’s Gaskamp
TV’s Great Digital Shift Must Be In Linear’s Image: Videology’s Eisenstein
From Data-Informed To Fully Addressable: Videology’s Ferber
Videology Partners In Programmatic TV ‘Evolution, Not Revolution’: Gaskamp
FreeWheel Plugs In Videology Ahead Of Upfronts: Rothwell
Let Advertisers Count The Beans, If They Choose: Videology’s Hagerty
“Persistence And Pivoting:” Keys To Success For Videology’s Scott Ferber
Videology’s Gaskamp: Most Of Our Ads Are Upfront
The Four Components Of Video ROI: Videology’s Castree
‘Tech Stack’ Proliferation Hurts Advertisers: Videology’s Castree
The Transformation of Television Advertising via Addressable is Inevitable, Videology’s Castree
Programmatic Is Not Just For Real-Time: Videology’s Gaskamp
Programmatic TV Demand Exceeds Supply: Videology’s McLachlan
TV And Video Ad Buying, Not Converging Yet, Mediaocean’s Wise
Ad Tech Won’t Kill The Media Agency: Videology’s Castree
Mediaocean Extends Digital Video Ads With Videology
Videology Opens TV Practice To Make Buying Smarter
Addressable TV Ads Are ‘Holy Grail’: Videology’s Scott Ferber
Quality Supply Holds Back Video Advertising: Videology’s Eisenstein
EU TV Embracing Data Faster Than US: Videology’s Jamboretz
Best Video Ads Are Moving to Private Exchanges: Videology’s Jamboretz
Programmatic Going Premium And Global In 2015: Videology’s Eisenstein
Programmatic TV On Cusp Of Take-Off: Videology’s McLachlan
Video Ads Changing Faster In EU Than US: Videology’s Gaskamp
Trading Desks Are Evolving, And Confusing: Videology’s Hagerty
Videology’s Gaskamp: Display Ad Tech Doesn’t Work For Video
Digital Video Buying Goes Multi-Platform, Videology’s Gaskamp
Videology CEO: 2014 Is The Year Of Addressable TV Ads
Videology’s Ferber: Content And Context Underpin Video Ad Buys
Xaxis’ Hanlon: Verification Is Key Driver Of Video CPMs
Videology’s Astley: Videos Are Advertisers’ ‘Blank Canvas’
Videology’s McKee: Analogue Data Is Changing Digital Ads
Video Ad Formats ‘Still Not Suited To Multi-Platform’
Videology’s McLachlan: Programmatic On Broadcasters’ Agenda
Video Ad Networks Must Become Unique To Survive
Videology Reboots To Offer Combined Programmatic And Manual Video Ad Buying
Videology’s Jamboretz: Video Ad Tech Consolidation Looming
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