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Twitter is an American online news and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as “tweets”.

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Twitter’s Promoted Tweets Advertisers Can Squat Rivals’ Brands
BSkyB, Eurostar, BT Buy Twitter’s First UK Advertising
A Free Twitter Has Lost In China To A Booming But Censored Weibo
UK Government Wants Police Empowered To ‘Close’ Twitter, BBM
In London Riots, Content Burns, Twitter Heaves
China’s Biggest Microblog Service Slated To Succeed On Twitter’s Turf
Chinese Twitter Rival Weibo ‘Planning English Launch’ This Summer
Updated: Privacy Judge Says The Law’s The Law, Regardless Of Twitter
Twitter’s UK Build-Out Planned Amid Privacy Spectacle
Twitter And Its Users Sued For ‘Naming’ Footballer Granted Privacy
Guess What? Your Tweets Aren’t Private Unless They’re Private
Twitter’s Search Credentials: Unproven And Unclear
Feather-Ruffler? Twitter Bans All Ad Platforms Besides Promoted Tweets
Radio On Digital Economy Bill, Twitter’s Promoted Tweets
X-Factor By The Numbers: How JEdward Are Taking Over Twitter
First Look: Zune, Twitter, Facebook And On Xbox
First Look:, Zune, Twitter And Facebook On Xbox
Orange Cosying With Twitter To Launch TV Tweets, A Twitpic Clone
Le Twittre Translation Comes Courtesy Of La Twitterati
Confirmed: O2 Restores Twitter UK SMS Service
Technorati Seeks Some Twitter Juice, Launching Twittorati
Habitat Drops Marketing Intern After Iran Election Twitter Faux Pas
Reuters Tells Olympics: Reform Media Rules For The Twitter Age
E3 Video:, Facebook, Twitter On Xbox 360
Google Zeitgeist: Larry & Eric On Twitter, Latitude And ‘The Mature Partner’
Twitter Virus Gripping Media, But For How Long?
Twitter brings back UK SMS; Vodafone first, others to follows
Twitter Brings Back UK SMS, More Countries To Follow
Updated: Twitter Brings Back UK SMS; Vodafone First, Others To Follows
Broadband Content Bits: iPlayer Radio Sharing, ITV Embracing Twitter, Blinkx Adds BBC, BT 40Mbps
Incisive-Backed Job Searcher Workhound Crawling Twitter For Classifieds
Twitter Close To Finalising UK SMS Deal With O2
Yes, Twitter’s Insanely Popular; Now Get Back To Work…
Twitter Trying To Restore SMS For UK, Founder Promises
Updated: Twitter Trying To Restore SMS For UK, Founder Promises
Philip Schofield is on Twitter; Tipping point for the mainstream?
Twitter’s UK Growth Spreads Traffic To News, Entertainment Sites
Philip Schofield Is On Twitter; Tipping Point For The Mainstream?
eBay Founder Omidyar Launching New Startup Ginx, A Twitter-Based Sharing Tool
Twitter Blames Canada As It Pulls SMS From Another Country
Mobile Content Bits: PlayerX Wins Sony, Nokia Services Rejig, Twitter SMS Swoop
Twitter Parasites Swoop Desperately On SMS Gap
Updated: Twitter Stops SMS To UK, Blame The Isle Of Man
Updated: Twitter Stops SMS To UK, Carrier Costs Too High
Twitter ‘Bigger In UK Than US’, White Van Man Taking It Mainstream?
Twitter Says Konichi-wa To Japan; With Ads
Blinkx Launches Twitter-Style Moblog Service NowThen
El Twitter In Dark On Telefonica’s Plan For Spanish Service
El Twitter In Dark On Telefonica’s Plan For Spanish Version