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Ofcom has wide-ranging powers across the television, radio, telecoms and postal sectors.

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UK Re-Jigs Mobile Content Payments Regulation
Hacking Loopholes Remain, Consumers Deserve Better
Updated: Publishers, Broadcasters Must Pay £10,350 For Having VOD Regulated
Newspaper, Magazine Industries Protest UK VOD Regulation
UK’s New VOD Regulator Ruffling Operators’ Feathers
UK Hikes Fees VOD Services Must Pay To Be Regulated
EA’s Soccer Tech Tie-Up Caused Sky To Breach Ofcom Rules
Web Could Convince Ofcom To Approve Local Media Consolidation
YouView Escapes Ofcom Inquiry Because It’s Not Breaking Any Rules Yet
Ofcom’s YouView Opinion Delayed By Sky Submission; YouView Angry
Ofcom’s YouView Opinion Is Due; Here’s The Background
Canvas Complaint #5 Comes From Open-Source Software Fans
Hyperlocal TV Groups Team To Rat On Canvas To Ofcom
New Complaint May Prolong Ofcom’s Canvas Decision
Hunt’s Progress: 2Mbps By 2015, Faster Later, Smaller Ofcom
Digital Economy Act: Ofcom Gives Four Months For P2P Consultation
Digital economy bill: A quick guide
Pay-TV Ruling Leaves Sky Fuming, BT Disappointed, Viewers Somewhat Interested
VOD Services Must Pay £375,000 To Be Regulated
Mobile Content Bits: Opera On iPhone, AND Ad Sales, Ofcom’s BT Rules
UK VOD Gets Vague New Rules From Ofcom, ATVOD
IFNCs: Will Incumbents Win Out, Or Is There A Place For Startups?
Local Multimedia Rules Should Be Relaxed, Ofcom Says
Ex-Ofcom Member: ‘Digital Britain Needs Networked Journalism, Not Another BBC’
BBC’s Canvas May Need OFT, Ofcom Scrutiny, Ofcom Says
Digital Britain Consultation: Virgin Questions Canvas, Papers Want iPlayer Carriage
Digital Britain Consultation: Mixed Views On Anti-P2P Strategy
VOD Services Must Kow-Tow To New Regulator; But Is It Workable?
Advertising Round-Up: Oodle/AdTrader, Ofcom Backs Behavioural; Specific Media; Platform-A
Cardiff May Get Hyperlocal Mobile TV As Digital Dividend Welcomes New Players
Digital Britain: Nevermind The Media, It’s About Online Govt
Digital Britain Report: A Letdown That’s Merely A Meta-Review
Ofcom Review: Online Not Popular Enough, BBC Continues Innovation, C4 Remodelled
Flurry Of Media Regulations Due This Month; Thompson Backs Consolidation
Broadband Content Bits: iPlayer On SkyPlayer, Disney On BT Vision, Canal+’s US STB, Ofcom Plan
More Sky Woe: Forced To Offer Channels, Picnic Cleared Posthumously
Ofcom Review: Public Broadcasters Should Improve Web Discovery
Sky Packs Up Its Picnic, Blames Regulator Delays
Broadband Content Bits: Setanta IPTV, PRS TV Fine
Ofcom Regulating For ‘A Second Mobile Revolution’
Yahoo Pans Ofcom’s Search Plan, Says BBC.co.uk May Be Too Big
UK Snapshot: Broadband Take-Up Highest In Countryside, 30 Percent Watch Video
Broadband Content Bits: Ofcom Deregs, EC Plan Advances
Ofcom: BBC Should Not Pay ISPs For iPlayer Traffic
Broadband Content Fights: Virgin vs Publishers; BBC vs Sony/MS; BT vs Ofcom; Carphone vs BT
Ofcom Abandons PSP, Floats Ideas To Fund Public Content
New Ofcom Rules Would Cause Much Call-TV Income To Dry Up
Ofcom Preps New Spectrum Auctions For ‘Very High-Speed’ Broadband
UK Endorses In-Flight Mobile Voice, Data Plans
Ofcom’s Pay-TV Inquiry: Round One To BSkyB’s Rivals
BBC Wants Faster, Fairer Networks For Future Interactive Services
Pay-TV Smackdown: BSkyB Quarrel Laid Bare In Inquiry Documents
Ofcom Takes Charge Of Call-TV Oversight
Next-Gen Broadband: Nobody Wants To Pay For This Round
Broadband Content Bits: Blinkx Rev Share, Carphone Subs, Virgin Soccer, Ofcom Warning
Ofcom Sets Out Stall For Super-Fast, IPTV-Friendly Broadband
Europe Urged To Follow Openreach Route By Splitting Telco Services And Networks
Ofcom Seeks Faster Mobile Broadband From Vodafone, O2 2G Spectrum
Ofcom CEO: UK Needs Public Funded Online Media ‘To Protect Against Imports’
Ofcom: Half Of UK Homes Have Broadband; ISP Revenue Up 18 Percent
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