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Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company with headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

Redmond, WA, United States
Microsoft Has An iPhone TV Guide App Called ‘TeleBing’ In Japan
Isn’t It Ironic? Microsoft Rats On Google To EC Inquiry
Updated: MSN UK Ditching Music Downloads Service For Zune Marketplace Links
Zune Subscription Entertainment Going Global – But Not Via Zune HD
Vodafone Will Bear Microsoft’s Kin In UK, Italy, Germany, Spain
MSN Video takes on BBC iPlayer with ad-supported online TV offering
MSN Now Properly Pitching UK TV, Video Site To Advertisers
Broadband Content Bits: Brightcove in Spain, Microsoft On Canvas, Samsung iPlayer, TV EPGs
Microsoft’s About To Lose More Web Browser Users
Microsoft Man To Publishers: Google Punches Holes In Your Paywall, But Bing Won’t
German News Groups, Microsoft Unit File Anti-Trust Complaints Against Google
2010 Forecasts: Layoffs May Supress The Recovery
Windows Photo Sharing Really Is A Piece Of Cake, Says Ad Watchdog
BBC’s Increasingly Popular iPlayer Struggles To Hit Xbox, iPhone
Robert On Channel 4 News: On Microsoft’s Pitch For News
Big News Bucks Unlikely From Bing? Journalism Could Be The Loser
MSN Ready To Acquire ‘The Long Tail Of TV’
Microsoft Risks Zune In Europe With Xbox Video Update
Microsoft Laying Off Two Percent Of UK Staff
MSN Carefully Relaunching UK Music Service With Downloads, Streams
Sky Readies Xbox 360 Sky Player Service
Broadband Content Bits: Sky Targeted Ads, Windows VOD, VOD Deals Collapse
Microsoft Loses A Key Silverlight Client; Upgrades To Flash
MSN UK Rebooting Music Service With Streaming And Downloads
Microsoft Testing Interactive TV Gameshow On Xbox
Xbox Adds VOD And Live Social Soccer From France’s Canal+
Microsoft Bails On EC Browser Hearing Due To Schedule Conflict
Microsoft Laying Off Five Percent Of UK Staff In Global Cutbacks
Europe Tells Obama To Give Up Internet, Preps Microsoft Hearing
EU Tech Group Joins EC’s Anti-Microsoft Browser Inquiry
Google Questions Street View Opponent’s Microsoft Links
YouTube Dominates UK Online Video; Microsoft, Yahoo, MySpace Lose Out
Brussels Loosens Its Leash On Microsoft’s Media Player Compliance
Broadband Content Bits: TV Ad Forecast, Sky Games, German IPTV; XBox Movies
Google Joins Mozilla, Opera In EC’s Anti-Microsoft Browser Witch Hunt
MSN To Syndicate BBC Content In Latin America
Microsoft Cutting 58 UK Jobs From Services, Other Departments
EC Hits Microsoft With Another Antitrust Case, Says Its Browser Harms The Web
BBC-Microsoft Social IPTV Prototype: Includes Facebook, UGC
New Media Resolutions #1: Peter Bale, Executive Producer, MSN UK
Highfield Quits Kangaroo For Microsoft, Will Lead UK Online Business
Ballmer On Loose In Paris: ‘Search Still In Infancy’, New R&D Drive
Ballmer On Loose In Paris: ‘Search Still In Infancy’, New R&D Drive
AOL, O2, Microsoft On Board Of New Child Safety Group
Microsoft Rejigs For Commercial Search, Multimap Leads The Way
Murdoch On Yahoo: Microsoft Will Walk Away, Deal With Us Unlikely
BBC Dumps Microsoft-Backed Skinkers Apps, Switches To Adobe
Denied At Yahoo, Microsoft Aims To Improve Own Search In Europe
Updated: Icahn: Yahoo’s Google Deal ‘Might Have Merit’, ‘May Be Better Than Microsoft’
Europe’s Slap In Microsoft’s Face: ‘Use Open-Source’, More Cases Pending
Microsoft, Still Fighting EC, Appeals Record Anti-Trust Fine
RIM Puts Microsoft’s Hotmail, Messenger On BlackBerries
Microsoft Slapped With Record EC Fine For ‘Unreasonable’ Patent Charges
UK Bits: MSN Blog News; Zaoza Coming To UK
Microsoft Adding MTV Clips To European MSN Video Portals
MSFT-YHOO: View From Europe: An Ad Opportunity, A Search Mountain; Markets Rally
MP Questions BBC’s Microsoft ‘State Aid’; Beeb Plans Politics Site
CES: BT Vision To Push VOD TV Over Xbox, Partnering With Microsoft
BBC’s Huggers: ‘I Had To Leave Microsoft To Innovate’
Microsoft Adds To UK VOD Options With Xbox Video Live Marketplace
ITV Syndicates ‘Celebrity’ To Microsoft, Gets Ad Revenue Split
Microsoft’s Ballmer Plays Down ‘Faddish’ Facebook, Plays Up Ad-Supported Software
Microsoft’s Ballmer Plays Down ‘Faddish’ Facebook, Plays Up Ad-Supported Software
Microsoft Loses EC Anti-Trust Appeal; $680 Million Windows Media, Server Fine Upheld
Microsoft Loses EC Anti-Trust Appeal; £340 Million Windows Media, Server Fine Upheld
Microsoft Courts BBC, Others For Euro Xbox Video Marketplace Launch
Microsoft-Powered Net TV Platform LiveStation In Beta; Ex AOL Europe CEO Joins Board
Bebo, Microsoft Partner On Instant Messaging In Social Net Profiles
Lack Of Content Agreements Appear To Hold Up Zune In Europe
Microsoft Roundup: New DRM Crack; Partnership; Search Gains
Cash prize for anti-Microsoft XML lobbyists
Ballmer ‘Wrongly Translated’ On Euro Zune Delay, But Wait Persists
Microsoft’s embedded marketing links ruffle feathers
SlingPlayer Available To UK Windows Mobile Users
Shooting videos bring record audiences to news sites
Microsoft ‘to release’ adCenter update
Microsoft attacks Google’s ‘cavalier’ ad billions
Google ads ‘wake up’ Microsoft
Microsoft ploughs $500m into Vista marketing
@ MidemNet: Zune Exec: Q4 Plans Could Include Europe, Flash Model, Real Wireless
Microsoft tests Google Analytics rival
Tube could be giant viral music network
Slate gives podcasts the silent treatment
MSN closure of China blog prompts call for ethics guide
Microsoft to launch book search engine