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Shazam For TV can go large with ITV ad sales deal
ITV Picks Its ‘Oyster Card’ For Online Programme Payments
Sky Adding Broadcaster-Branded VOD Services From BBC And ITV
Lovefilm Adding More ITV, BBC Worldwide Archive TV
TV Catchup Gets Court Victories, But Europe Will Have Final Say
ITV Re-Organising Regional Newsrooms’ Online Staffing
ITV’s Mobile Rugby Strategy Falls Over On Opening Day
Rugby World Cup Goes Out On Mobile, On-Demand And To The Workplace
ITV Viewers Grumble At First Paid Content Roll-Out
Updated: ITV, S4C, C5 Bringing Catch-Up TV To Mobile
BBC iPlayer Out-Linking Is More Difficult Than First Thought
Broadcasters Line Up New Mobile Apps For TV Brands
X Factor Eyes Season-Long iTunes Sales
ITV Outsources VOD Management To Red Bee
Time Warner’s Bewkes Tells UK’s ITV: No Need For Micropayments
X Factor Katie’s Previous Life As A Social Media Marketing Vehicle
Virgin Media Names VOD Player Line-Up, ITV Aboard
World Cup Stats: Records For BBC, New Territory For ITV
Stats: Five Percent Of English Soccer Viewers Watched Match Online Claims 130k Live Viewers Per World Cup Game
ITV, C4, Five Also Get Yanked From Zattoo
Mobile Content Bits: Guardian Figs, Telegraph Figs, SkyBet, ITV Player
ITV, C4, Five Jointly File In Court Against TVCatchup, Who’s Next?
Broadband Content Bits: ITV Mobile Streams, Participation TV, Fetch TV
ITV Formalising Twin-Screen Strategy; First Stop: World Cup
Broadband Content Bits: Absolute HTML5, Sky On Fetch, Regs
Sky News’ Election Feed Carried By Telegraph, ITV, Guardian, Others
Broadband Content Bits: Thrillist, ITV-Hulu, HubDub Closing, Spotify
ITV Picks Pluck To Power Viewers’ Web Interaction
Welsh Assembly Votes To Back IFNCs, Suspects Tories’ ITV Support
Broadband Content Bits: Betting, Sky On Nokia, Sky Tracking
ITV’s Friends Reunited Sale Approved By Competition Commission
IFNCs: Bidders Waving Cit-J Pledge, But Timescale Looks Tight
Broadband Content Bits: BT Fibre, Embarrassing Bodies, Pirate Anonymity, Radio Apps, BSkyB/ITV
ITV’s Friends Sell-Off Backed By Most Genealogy Operators
Broadband Content Bits: Virgin Music, X Factor Song, Venice Game
Updated: STV Suing ITV For £12 Million For Control Of VOD Rights
YouTube Begins UK Long-Form TV VOD: C4 Signed, May Get ITV
VOD In Slow-Mo: SeeSaw’s Launch Hazy, ITV Protects Its ‘Crown Jewels’
ITV Scraps SDN Sale, Will Milk It For Pensions Instead
Microsoft Loses A Key Silverlight Client; Upgrades To Flash
Broadband Content Bits: ITV Rights, Virgin Music, Wii iPlayer
UK micropayment network set for mid-2010 trial
Hulu Still Missing UK Shows, Still Dangling Equity For ITV
Broadband Content Bits: We7 Stats, Music Royalties; ITV Friends Reunited Sale Reports; BT Vision
Broadband Content Bits: BBC Comedy, Future MP3s, PA Give Indie Video, ITV VOD
ITV’s Grade: ‘YouTube’s Boyle Offer Was Derisory’
Does Britain’s Got Talent Point The Way For ITV?
Susan Who… ? Diversity’s Robot Routine Transforms BGT
AudioBoo Tries Charging ‘Pro’ Media Users, Starts With ITV
Boyle Embeds Banned As Talent Follow-Up Nears Another Record
ITV Holding On To Regional Online News For Now
Mobile Content Bits: Kama Sutra Banned, Scoot iPhone, ITV Site
Virgin Gets ITV’s VOD Ball Rolling With Four Million March Views
Back From Bank Holiday: BMJ Archive, Setanta, Scotsman, ITV CEO
Boyle-Mania: How Much Have ITV, Fremantle Missed Out On?
Grade Sidelined, Sells SDN As ITV Fails To Profit From Its ‘Parasite’
Boyle-Mania: Video Views Doubled To 100 Million This Weekend
Britain’s Got Talent Lets Dream A Dream
ITV Wields Axe On Content Team
ITV Expects £60 Million For Friends, Admits It Failed To Grow
ITV To Sell Diagonal View Ads, Hires Social Engagement Manager
Broadband Content Bits: iPlayer Radio Sharing, ITV Embracing Twitter, Blinkx Adds BBC, BT 40Mbps
Can ITV Sell Its Friends? And Where Now For Its Online Strategy?
UK’s ITV Slashing Online Properties After Huge Loss
ITV To Sell Friends, Scoot, SDN, Shut ITV Local, Cut 600 Jobs
Bonfire Of The Broadcasters: ITV, Five Cuts Expected; C4/BT Vision Merger Mooted
ITV Considering Off-Loading Friends Reunited: Reports
ITV Considering Off-Loading Friends Reunited: Reports
Weekend Video: ITV’s Grade On FA Cup: Some Red Cards Will Be Shown
ITV Adding VOD To Virgin Cable And Website; Something Of A Tipping Point
ITV to slash value of Friends Reunited, report says
ITV To Slash Value Of Friends Reunited, Report Says
ITV, BT Join BBC’s Project Canvas, Teaming For Open VOD IPTV turning content in to ads in search for web income
Could The BBC Really Gift iPlayer To ITV, C4? Maybe Not Turning Content In To Ads In Search For Web Income
Advertising Round-Up: ITV Overlays, Tremor In UK
ITV, Google Sign Paid Search Ads Deal; So Much For The ‘Parasite’
ITV’s Crowdsourced FA Cup Highlights Popular With Locals
ITV Local, S4C Team To Show Welsh-Language Long Tail
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Catch-Up Corrie: ITV Doing VOD On BT Vision
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ITV Cutting 1,000 Jobs, More Cuts Coming From Technology
BSkyB/ITV Ruling In Full: Murdoch’s Appeal Fails, ‘Will Review’ Findings
ITV’s Grade: Google Is A Parasite, I’m Not Worried
Mobile Content Bits: Voda NZ Music, Mippin Mobilizer, ITV Shuns Mobile
Tesco Digital Seeks BBC, ITV For TV And Film Store
ITV Moves To Digital Magazine Sales With John Menzies Partnership
Weekend Catch-Up: Mediaset Eyes ITV, Informa New Bid?, Allen For Endemol
UK Round-Up: Store, Times Premium Content, ITV Relegation?
ITV’s PriceTerrier Goes Live; This Dog Stands Alone
Broadband Content Bits: 4oD Best Quality, Focusing On Sport, Five-Brightcove
Joost Opposes Kangaroo Again, Says It’s ‘Suffered’ At Hands Of BBC/ITV/C4
ITV Price Comparer ‘A Kelkoo JV’; Could Grade Buy Stake From Yahoo?
Poll: Can ITV Hit Its £150 Million Web Income Target?
Broadband Content Bits: Shows, BPI vs ISPs, Video Rising, Uni Web TV
To Link Or Not To Link To TV Streams? Old Question With Easy Answer
ITV Captures The Local Tail Of Football With Non-League FA Cup Coverage
ITV Stake: BSkyB Out, Who’s In? Endemol Vaguely Interested
ITV: Seeks PSB Reduction, Could Get BBC Help, VOD Traffic Up
Broadband Content Bits: ITV Bingo, RT
Content Bits: ITV, GCap Compete For Classifieds; 7Digital/Sony Tie-Up
Industry Moves: Friends Reunited Top Trio To Step Aside In Shake-Up At ITV
BBC/ITV Launch Freesat With Free HDTV, Aiming For Hybrid IPTV Boxes
Zattoo Adds BBC One, Two, ITV1 To Channel Line-Up Z
ITV Sells Old Shows Via iTunes; Why Now?
Broadband Content Bits:; Five VOD; ITV/BT
BBC Digital Chief Highfield Quits To Lead ITV-BBC Worldwide-Channel 4 JV Kangaroo
ITV Sells Arsenal Broadband Stake To Club Co-Owner For $45.32 Million
ITV Sells Arsenal Broadband Stake To Club Co-Owner For £22.7 Million
Broadband Content Bits: Sportingo Donations; Tiscali Sale; ITV Quiz
ITV’s Van Den Belt Leaving To Head New LiveJournal Owner Sup VOD Relaunch To Focus On Basics
Broadband Content Bits: Gets F1; BBC IPTV Plans Video Audience Falling; Way Behind Biggest Rival
BSkyB To Appeal ITV Share Ruling Tomorrow
Mobile Content Bits: ITV Mobicom, Yahoo/T-Mob Ads, Auction Criticised, Three Wallpapers
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Broadband Content Bits: UK Club Penguin, ITV Price Comparison
Mobile Content Bits: M:Metrics Informs Campaigns, Berners-Lee Speaks Out, ITV Communities
The Sun And ITV Launching Digital Music Downloads
BSkyB Offers To Give Up Votes On Three Percent ITV Share
BSkyB Sells iTV Portal Codes System To Spin-Off Miniweb
ITV Suspends SMS, iTV Interactivity; Brings In-House; Takes A $36 Million Hit
ITV Suspends Live SMS, iTV Participation; Brings In-House; Takes An £18 Million Hit
ITV Syndicates ‘Celebrity’ To Microsoft, Gets Ad Revenue Split
BSkyB’s ITV Stake Operates Against Public Interest, Says Competition Commission
Local Govt. Web TV – Picking Up Slack From ITV’s Budget Cuts?
Channel 4, ITV Want Single Web TV Standard, But Will Five In To One Go?
ITV’s Grade Gets £6 Million Incentive In Content Turnaround Plan
ITV Play Bites Dust In Call-TV Scandal, But Lives On Online
ITV Aims For £150 Million Online Revenue, Emphasis On Display And Targeted Web Video Ads Adds PartyGaming’s Online Gambling To Bump ITV Play Returns
UPDATED: Broadband Content Bits: TV, Neuf’s Media Centre, VOD Ads
Broadband Content Bits: NBC/AP Olympics, ITV Local, Easy Living. CondeNet
Broadband Content Bits UK: Virgin Sports;; Disney-Orange
UK Roundup: Channel 4 Radio; ITV Local; BBC; Bebo; Call TV Fine
ITV To Sell Movies Via BIBC Websites, TV Boxes
BBC, ITV Win Online, Mobile Rights To Euro 2008 Soccer Tournament Relaunch Next Week, Rights Issues Curtail Some Programming
ITV Could Mothball Friends Reunited Jobs; Monster To The Rescue: Report
Friends Reunited Launches Dating Site For ITV Show
BSkyB Faces Anti-Trust Referral Over ‘Anti-Competitive’ ITV Stake
Still Waiting For Relaunch; Some More VOD Details
BBC, ITV To Launch Free Digital Satellite TV Network Relaunch Finally To Include VOD Offering
ITV, Setanta Win IPTV, Mobile Carriage Amongst $833 Million Soccer Rights
Google launches TV ads, creeps up on ITV
ITV joins Sky on MySpace
ITV launches broadband TV assault
ITV swells crew to chase online ads