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Publishers Seek Alternative To Google, Facebook Duopoly: AppNexus’ Rubenstein
Get Creative To Understand VR: Google Zoo’s Bastholm
The Washington Post Registers 5X Mobile Boost From Google’s Progressive Web Apps
Advertisers Want Google, Facebook Alternative: Rubicon’s Patz
Teads Brings Outstream Video To Google, Facebook Mobile Platforms
Ditch Last-Click Attribution On Mobile: Google’s Carrington
Tech Stack ‘Fiefdoms’ Will Consolidate, According To MediaMath, Videology & Google
Can Programmatic And Guarantees Exist In Harmony? Answers from GroupM, Google, MediaMath, Target and Videology
Essence Buy Keeps GroupM A Friend OF Google: Gotlieb:
Google’s AdX Bigger Than Global Stock Markets: Vanderzee
Full Video Ad Viewability, We Will Get There, Google’s Jane Hong
Google’s 2015 Priority Is Securing Ads From Malware
Facebook Passes YouTube For Desktop Video: comScore’s Fulgoni
Giant Snack Maker Mondelēz Nets 100 Million Views w/ ‘NowThisNews” Real-Time Collaboration
Google’s Chip Hall Reveals ‘The Programmatic Playbook’
Google’s Ben Barokas: Data Is King In Video Boom
Google’s Benson: Mobile Is Driving Video Consumption
Brands Sacrificing Truth For Attention: Google’s Benson
BBC Worldwide, Google Endeavor To Merge TV, Online Ads
Google Rallies Fight Against Bots In Ad Fraud ‘Arms Race’
Google Unveils ‘Top-Tier Publishers’ For Programmatic Video Ads
BrightRoll’s DoubleClick Google Enables YouTube Programmatic Buys
Time Goes All in on Programmatic with Exchange Powered by Google
Google’s VanDerzee: Big Focus On “Buy Side” of Programmatic in 2014
MediaVest’s Trivedi: Google ‘Relationship’ Will Bring More Video Ads
Google’s Waze Serves Drivers ‘Third-Screen’ Local Ads
GroupM’s Gotlieb On Smart Cars’ ‘Space Race’ For Apple, Google
YouTube’s Skippable Ads Keep 50% More Viewers
Google Expects Consolidation In Programmatic Ad Market
Google Media Platform Sales Head: We’re Ready For Video Advertising Boom
Powering Google Hangouts, ‘Vidyo’ Expands Live Video Solution for Businesses, Healthcare
Analyst O’Connell: Adobe Could Compete with Google in Video Ad “Stack”
Tweet Of The Week:’s Matt Kelly On The Bonfire Of The Search Engines
Second-screen hopefuls hard-pressed to disrupt Hollywood ‘cabal’
“We don’t innovate here” – Google’s curious UK tax rationale
CODcasting could finally popularize gamer TV
Google News wars are here again: Schmidt vs France on ‘news tax’
Google, Yahoo see contrasting fortunes in South Korea
Google News faces mass newspaper boycott in Brazil
Google must work harder to avoid European search charges
Can finger-biting Charlie profit from spin-off series?
Let’s get physical: in music, bits take on appearance of atoms
Google rebooting content micropayments initiative under Wallet
Yandex latest to build an empire off Google’s back launches own web browser to rival IE
Google joins protest against Russia’s web blacklist
Eric’s Google TV target – on the blink
Angry data watchdog wants full Street View snooping story from Google
Google wants greater French acceptance after winning TF1 copyright case
Man Utd Wants Its Crest Stripped From Google Play
Google Aims To Convince Mobile Game Makers On In-App Payments
Condé Nast Aims To Unify Tablet And Mobile Magazine Production
Google Gets More Live Stock Data To Compete With Rivals
Google Fined In France For Offering Free Maps
Europe Wants Google To Freeze Its New Privacy Policy
Google Set To Relaunch OnePass, Halting French Papers’ Kiosk
Google, Facebook, Twitter Execs Grilled By UK MPs On Privacy
Illegal Books Available For Free On Google’s Android Market
Updated: ‘Mortified’ Google To Act On Those Who Poached Rival’s Clients
Premier League Rights: Google And Apple Unlikely To Bid
Google Demotes Chrome In Own Listings To Repent For Paid Links
What’s Coming In 2012: Internet TVs Out-Box The Boxes
Google Has Rebooted Its UK Engineering Centre
Google Has Launched An Incubator In South Africa
The Latest Google Android App Store Comes From Yahoo
French Papers Buddy With Google For Kiosk Payments, Product Development
R.E.M.ix: ‘It’s The End Of TV As We Know It’
Google’s Android Attracts Anti-Trust Heat In South Korea
Google Kills Its Fast Flip News Reading Experiment
Schmidt Endears Google’s Boffins To TV
Full Transcript: Eric Schmidt’s Edinburgh Festival Keynote
TV And Internet Do Their Mating Dance At Edinburgh
French Search Firm Seeks €295 Million Competition Damages From Google
Google Brings Its +1 Button To Rest Of World With 19 Media Partnerships
Google’s Russia Problem: Yandex Is Getting More Popular
Google Will Scan 250,000 Out-Of-Copyright Books For The British Library
Google’s Social Search Finally Going Global
Tablets And Mobiles Still Await Their Killer Web App
Schmidt Is The Public Face For Google’s Media Plans
Video: Google’s UK MD: Failure Is Great
No UK Inquiry On Google Dominance
Isn’t It Ironic? Microsoft Rats On Google To EC Inquiry
Europe May Rule Against AdWord-Squatting Advertiser
Google Is Not About To Become A Magazine Publisher
UK IP Review: Google, Content Owners Disagree On ‘Fair Use’
Google Fined In French Court For Not Stopping Video Copyright Abuse
So Much For The Big Guns’ Online Music Plans
Google Fluttering Eyelashes At Journalism With $2.7 Million Award
Spooked Publishers State Their Demands To Tablet Platforms
Google Pitches A ‘Flexible’ Paid Content System, ‘One Pass’
Video: Anthony Rose On Google TV’s Failure And His Next Big Project
The Times Goes To The Googleplex To Meet Its Nemesis
France Says Google Is Main Cause Of News Publishers’ Woes
Google Faces A Serious And Multi-Pronged EC Competition Probe
After The Warnings, Ministry Of Sound Tries Monetising Its Video
Google’s Indian Music Service Not Quite A Prelude To A Subscription Offer
In Europe, Google Claims Spanish TV Victory, Czechs Have Street View Worry
Google’s Sci-Fi Now: Voice-Control TV, Eternal Memory, An End To Loneliness
Google’s Schmidt: Autonomous, Fast Search Is ‘Our New Definition’
Video: Here Is Google TV Running On Sony Internet TV
Google Ads Make ‘Nuppence Ha’penny’ For Digital Mags
BBC: HTML5 Is Not Ready For Video And Sailing Off-Course
Video Debate: Google A Friend Or Foe To News Biz?
Google’s Street View Cars, Trikes Back On The Road, Minus WiFi Snooping
For Google, Social Networking Is Just A Means To An End
Google Search Compromise Earns China License Renewal
Google, Facebook Facing Further European Scrutiny
Bookings Low? Google Ad Takes Over YouTube Homepage
Google Switches On Property Search In UK
Vodafone, Not Google, Begins Selling UK Contract Nexus Ones
Hitler Virals’ Downfall Sees Film Owner At Odds With Remixers
MPs Tell Local Papers: Join To Lobby Google, Just Quit Moaning
First Look: Bing’s UK TV Ads Make A Monkey Out Of Google
Google Will Appeal Execs’ Conviction; Italian Ruling Complicates Upload Culture
Google helps limit online access
Google Tightens’s Free-Article Loophole
Microsoft Man To Publishers: Google Punches Holes In Your Paywall, But Bing Won’t
Russia’s Quintura Says Google Infringing Visual Search Patent
German Media Tag-Teaming Against Google ‘Monopoly’
German news publishers file complaint against Google
German News Groups, Microsoft Unit File Anti-Trust Complaints Against Google
Murdoch may knock Google, but his papers still cultivate it
Murdoch May Knock Google, But His Papers Still Cultivate It
Google could be granted copyright immunity in UK law
Google Could Be Granted Copyright Immunity In UK Law
Spotify-Google Link Just ‘Speculation’
Google To Offer Nexus One On Vodafone In Europe
Broadband Content Bits: Chrome Ads, Movie VOD, Sky Anytime
Google’s Tax Tactics: The 2008 Accounts In Full
Google’s Italian Job: One Of Three Cases Lost, Possible Jail Sentence
Pics: Google Advertising Chrome Heavily In UK
UBS Media Week: WPP’s Sorrell: Google’s Fitter Than Ever For Mobile Push
In WSJ Op-Ed, Rupe Offers His Two Cents On Free News
Google’s Groundhog Day: No, We’re Not Stealing Your News
Google’s Schmidt: ‘Frustrated Newspaper Execs Just Looking For Someone To Blame’
Digital Economy Bill: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, eBay Oppose Excessive Govt Power
Google’s UK income returns to growth
Google Now Defending Books Project In French Court
Google Gets Russian AdSense Users From LiveJournal
Tweet Of The Week:’s Matt Kelly On The Bonfire Of The Search Engines
Pictures: Fire On Google’s Roof, UK HQ Evacuated, Barbecue Blamed
BBC Testing Location-Aware Content With Google Gears
MicroHoo Euro View: Still Miles Behind Google
Google Flames Tory MP Davis On Privacy Claims
High Court: Google Not Responsible For Libels In Its Index
Journalism Now A Charity Case As New Group Gets £2 Million Grant, Google Backing
Google to newspapers: go ahead and block us with robots.txt if you like
Google To Newspapers: Go Ahead And Block Us With Robots.txt If You Like
News Publishers Call On Europe To Support Them Against Aggregators
New Investigative Reporting Fund Includes Google Director
Canvas Views: Google Wants In, Responses To BBC Digested
Dutch News Site Sued For The Way Google Indexed Its Pages
EC Urged To Outlaw Google Book Search
Boyle Embeds Banned As Talent Follow-Up Nears Another Record
A Break For Music Sites: UK Royalty Body Slashes Streaming Rates
Google Zeitgeist: Larry & Eric On Twitter, Latitude And ‘The Mature Partner’
Google Backing Newspapers’ Bid For Consolidation
Meet Google Street View’s Latest Weapon: A Tricycle stops competing with Google, sells its adWords instead
Updated: Well If You Can’t Beat ‘Em; Yell To Sell Google AdWords
Investors, Google Try Radical Hyperlocal Project In Czech Republic
Broadband Content Bits: Traffic, French IPTV Subs, Google Share, Sky Deutschland
Mobile Content Bits: Ringtone Sales; Cupcake Served; VZ Navigator Global; AT&T ToS; Kiss A Girl
Privacy Consultancy Quits Client Work After Impartiality Gripes
Broadband Content Bits: New 4oD Catch-Up, KateModern In Japan, Google Suggest UK
Orange Tries French Google News Rival ’24/24 News’ With 25 Partners
Google Questions Street View Opponent’s Microsoft Links
Newspapers To Govt: Make Google Pay For Our Content
UK Music Biz Labels Google ‘Cynical And Exploitative’
YouTube-PRS: Last.FM, We7 Vent About License Fees; Billy Bragg Calls Google Move ‘Menacing’
Google Joins Mozilla, Opera In EC’s Anti-Microsoft Browser Witch Hunt
Google UK Ad Boss To Newspapers: We’re Not Stealing Your Advertisers
Social Nets’ Child Safety Pledge: Five Ways To Prevent Cyber-Bullying
‘What Would Google Do?’ UK Conservatives Add CEO Schmidt To Economic Recovery Cttee
‘What Would Google Do?’ Tories Add CEO Schmidt To Economic Recovery Cttee
Google Execs Face Italian Trial For Offensive Video
Google Execs Face Italian Trial For Offensive Video
BBC stops trying to be Google, abandons web search
BBC Stops Trying To Be Google, Abandons Web Search
Google’s Russian Fortunes: May Lose Ally, Snubbed By Firefox
Google Won’t Buy Ailing Newspapers, Could ‘Merge Without Merging’
Google Not Staffing Up Jaiku; Engeström Bears Down On Activity Streams
Google Turns To Hard Alcohol, Will Relax Ad Rules In January
Nokia World Notes: Handset Maker Promises to ‘Coordinate The World’; Needles Google, Apple
ITV, Google Sign Paid Search Ads Deal; So Much For The ‘Parasite’
Google May Power Search, Ads For Russia’s Odnoklassniki Social Net
Google To UK Advertisers: Please Keep Spending With Us!
Queen At Google: Uploading Skateboarding Corgi Vid To YouTube?
Ballmer On Loose In Paris: ‘Search Still In Infancy’, New R&D Drive
Google Fights Back On Ads Deal, Counters ‘Misconceptions’ With
Broadband Content Bits: NBC HD For BT, HBO For iTunes, Google TV Ads
Yahoo, Google Deny EU Ad Deal Impact, But EC Looks For Itself
ITV’s Grade: Google Is A Parasite, I’m Not Worried
Newspapers Around World Oppose Yahoo-Google Ad Deal
Google Chrome Already Making A Splash; Look Out, Opera
Round-Up: Johnston Ads, UMG Long Tail, Street View OK’d
EMI Turnaround Well Underway; Radiohead Go With Google
MediaGuardian 100 Hits & Misses: Google Trio Trade, Ballmer’s Unexplained Entry
Yahoo Notifies EC Of Google Ad Sharing Deal
Viacom-YouTube Case: Google Doesn’t Have To Reveal Innermost Secrets
EC Not Notified Of Yahoo-Google Ad Deal, Could Be Interested In Theory
DOJ Reviewing Yahoo-Google Ad Deal, Will Consult Rivals: Report
Ballmer: Google Won – But It’s Still All About Search, Baby
Yahoo-Google Ad Deal Piques UK Ad Agency Concerns – Unnecessarily?
Updated: Icahn: Yahoo’s Google Deal ‘Might Have Merit’, ‘May Be Better Than Microsoft’
Weekend Video: Ask A Ninja At Google Zeitgeist
Google On MSFT-YHOO: We’d Hire Yang; Would Work With Them Again
Blinkx Rises And Falls On Mystical Google/News Corp Market Chatter
Irish Search Developer Gets $25 Million To Fund Google Rival
Google Et Al Must Try Harder On Privacy, EU Says
Google’s New News Search – Threat Or Opportunity For Publishers?
Broadband Content Bits: BBC Video Increase, Video Traffic Up
Newspapers, Losing Readers To Web, Urged To Emulate Google
Updated: GoogleClick Threatens Publishers’ Bottom Line, Consumer Groups Say; US Approval Granted
Google Clams Up On UK Spectrum Auction, Cites US Regs
Google ‘Talks TV Production’ With Idol’s Fuller, But Partnership Unlikely
Google ‘Talks TV Production’ With Idol’s Fuller, But Partnership Unlikely
News Corp’s ‘Number One Conversation Topic’ Is ‘Hugely Dangerous’ Google
Conference Call: ‘Google’ Phone Platform Official, Available Next Week, First Devices Through 2008
New Web TV Entrant WorldTV Republishes Online Video As Playlists With Ads
Google Ad Revenue Overtakes UK’s Biggest TV Channel’s – Report
Google Makes Offer To Europe To Win DoubleClick Clearance
Google Growing EU Engineer Count; Countering Negative US Reputation
Google Ready For DoubleClick EC Clearance To Take Months
Google ‘Could Bid’ For UK Mobile Spectrum, Says ‘Highly Speculative’ Report
Google ‘Could Bid’ For UK Mobile Spectrum, Says ‘Highly Speculative’ Report
UK Round-Up: Google Ad Subsidies, Digital TV Growth, BBC Contests Resumption
Google Plants Itself Behind International Privacy Framework
Google Plants Itself Behind International Privacy Framework
Google Extends Playability, Offers Full Refunds For Defunct Store Videos
Viacom-Google Copyright Case Underway; YouTube To Add Video Fingerprinting This Fall
Faced With Continued Criticism On Privacy, Google Cuts Cookie Storage Time
Google bans ads for controversial drug
Australian Antitrust Watchdog Takes Google To Court Over Sponsored Links
Google adds developers’ Mapplets to maps
Google, others sued over parked domain ads
Google Earth launches charity outreach
Google Threatens To Shut German Google Mail; Blames Germany’s Own Privacy Laws
Google Maps adds reviews and ratings
Google plugs in green car initiative
eBay spoils Google’s Checkout party – literally
Google Analytics out of beta, new features added
Google Limits Data Retention Period To Soothe EU Privacy Worries
Google comes out fighting on privacy policy
Google Partners With Sina On Chinese Search, Ads And News
Google widens ban on gambling ads
Saatchi: ‘Advertising With Google AdWords Goes Too Far’
Sky gives bird’s eye news view
Google shifts in to offline web gear
Google rolls out new video ad formats
Google data capture under EU scrutiny
Google adds essay writers to banned AdWords list
Google opens deeper search trend data
Google ‘No Comment’ On UK O2 MVNO Speculation
Google Denies Content Re-Use Deal With UK News Publishers
BBC mobile GPS reporting experiment shows first fruits
News RSS ‘doesn’t give full picture’
Google points to over cloaking
Search engines drive more readers to news sites
iGoogle offers individual homepage, gadget advertising
Google inks partnership for better govt. info access
Google ads used in spyware phishing scam
Intel strikes AdWords branding deal
Google Checkout launches in UK
BSkyB, Google Trial User-Generated Video Portal For TV Channels
Google to Viacom: Be More Like BBC, We’re Not Slowing Down
Yahoo! nears Google ad revenue after deductions
Google opens PPA beta test
Google Forming Network Of European Lobbbyists
German keeps Euro Gmails close to his chest admits to secret anti-Google campaign
Google launches TV ads, creeps up on ITV
Google pinches Friendster ads from Yahoo!
Microsoft attacks Google’s ‘cavalier’ ad billions
Google embeds YouTube videos in AdSense
Google ads ‘wake up’ Microsoft
Google and CC partner for video remixes
Google adds Docs & Spreadsheets to Apps package
Wikipedia’s Google traffic balloons, search site ‘should pay’
Mobile networks ‘mull new-build search engine’
Google Earth takes local AdSense 3D
Google TV ‘hoax’ gets viewers clicking
Google plans ads on local billboards
Searchers tempted to check out Checkout
Microsoft tests Google Analytics rival
Google embeds ads in videos
Pink is the new black, search stats say
Google’s noun-sense falls on deaf ears
California sun to power third of Googleplex
Google dumps news sites after “hate” complaints
Innovator calls for intelligent tags to future-proof stories
Look to the skies to help visitors read news
Social news bookmarking goes free-for-all
Online news favoured by younger readers, BBC/Reuters study finds…
Chinese spy on Telegraph’s Beijing blogger
MSN closure of China blog prompts call for ethics guide
New site plots news stories to locations
Google Sidebar brings headlines to the desktop