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Brussels, Belgium
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Europe Thinks Open Data Could Add €40 Billion To Its Economy
Europe Probing Apple And Publishers For E-book Price ‘Cartel’
Europe Marches Its Airwaves Toward 4G By 2013
Europe Probes Banks For E-Payments Monopoly
Europe Wants U.S.-Style ‘Do Not Track’ Standard
France Lets Book Publishers Fix Minimum E-book Prices
ISPs Monitoring For Illegal Downloads Breaches Privacy, EU Official Says
UK’s New VOD Regulator Ruffling Operators’ Feathers
Euro Court Refereeing In Online Jurisdiction Football Case
Publishers’ iPad Subs’ Grumbles Earn Apple Antitrust Attention
Greek Plan To Tax Web Ads At 21.5 Percent Draws Fire
European Telcos Want Search Engines To Pay For Net Use
UK Will Urge EC To Legalise Mashups, Format-Shifting, Content Sharing
News Publishers Call On Europe To Support Them Against Aggregators
EC Wants Faster Digital TV Switchover, Resolution To Telco Roadblock
BT Should Give Rivals High-Speed Access Under EC Rules
French Assembly Finally Approves Three-Strikes By Slim Majority
Euro-MPs Stick To Their Guns On Three-Strikes Court Permission
Europe Backs Off France’s Anti-Piracy Moves; Compromise Agreement Struck
Updated: Euro-MPs Again Vote Against Three-Strikes Piracy Measure
France’s Three-Strikes Move Closer, On Collision Course With Europe
Europe Agrees Telecoms Reform, But Three-Strikes Still Undecided
Europe Warns Web Firms To Improve User Privacy Frameworks
EU Roaming Data Prices Set To Fall By 75 Percent By 2011
Social Nets’ Child Safety Pledge: Five Ways To Prevent Cyber-Bullying
Mobile Data, SMS Price Cap Opposed By Group Of Euro MPs
US Music Biz’s New Tune On P2P Sings From Europe’s Hymnsheet
EU Ministers Agree Mobile Data Price Cap, Reject Wider Reforms
Cheaper EU Data Roaming Moving Nearer; Three Strikes Also Under Discussion
Spain’s Proposed Broadband Regulations May Be Illegal, Europe Warns
Europe Wants To Spearhead ‘Web 3.0’ – Whatever That Is…
EU Strikes Off France’s Three Strikes, But French Will Go Ahead Anyway
Roaming Data Price Cap Plan Debated By European Politicians
EU Data Costs ‘Seriously Harming’ Content Market
EC Telco Vote: Content/Network Split Nears, ISP Monitoring Denied
EC Relaxes Ad Limits To Save Struggling News Publishers
Belgian Newspapers Continue To Bite Hand That Feeds Them
PVRs May Be Liable For EU Levy On Recording Devices
Private Copying Levy: Hardware Makers Ready For Europe-Wide ‘iPod Tax’?
Astroturfing, Flogging And 29 Other Dodgy Sales Practices Now Illegal
EU Parliament Warns Against ISP Monitoring In Music Piracy Fight
Subscribers Must Be Allowed To Circumvent Content Filters, Europe Says
EC Clears Huge French Aid For Multimedia Search Project
EC Clears Huge French Aid For Multimedia Search Project
France’s Web Tax Policy Panned By EC Media Commissioner
Belgian Newspaper Group May Sue EC For Linking To Articles
European Patchwork A Possible Sticking Point For iTunes Movie Rentals
EC Asks Views On State Aid And Public Service Online Media
Apple Lowers UK iTunes Prices For EU Harmony; Demands Labels Follow Suit
UK Won’t Oppose EU’s Product Placement Green Light: Report
EU Wants DRM Interoperability, Cross-Border Licensing To Bolster Content Sector
EU Considers Aping France’s Disconnect-The-Pirates Law
Music Royalty Reform Delays ‘Hold Back’ Labels; A DRM-Free Price War
UK VOD Players To Patrol Themselves; EU Directive Becomes Self-Regulation
Apple, Record Labels Each Deny Culpability For EC Price Differentials
Apple, Record Labels To Defend EC iTunes Antitrust Charges This Month
Thomson-Reuters Put Merger Case To European Regulators