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Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

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FT Digital Subscriptions Have Grown Through Apple Fall-Out
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Guardian Counts 145,880 Free iPad Downloads, But Will Readers Pay For It?
Apple’s Newsstand Is Already Booming For Some Magazine Publishers
Virgin’s iPad Mag Project Reboots On Newsstand Under New Ownership
Publishers Mull iOS 5’s Promise And Problems
Apple’s Newsstand Debuts, Grouping iOS Publications In One Folder
Guardian’s iPad Newspaper Edition Will Cost £9.99 Per Month
Jobs’ Legacy: An Actual Consumer Model For Digital Content
BBC Overhauling Its Website For ‘Swipability’
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Why Apple’s Subscription Terms Are A Lose-Lose-Lose
Global Outlook For iTunes Locker Looks iCloudy Until 2012
Apple Lets Subscription Providers Hike iOS Prices To Absorb Its 30 Percent
The FT Is Sticking It To Apple With A New Web-Based iPad App
Tablets And Mobiles Still Await Their Killer Web App
FT Still Negotiating With Apple On iPad Subscriptions
Telegraph Goes With Apple Subs For Newspaper-Like iPad Edition
0.82 Percent Of iPad-Owning UK Times Trialists Subscribed
Mail On iPad Next Week As A&N Seeks Balance In Digital Subs
Mac App Store Revenue Already Half Of iPad’s
Project iPad Mag Flips To Free Thanks To AmEx Sponsorship
Threatened Much? News-Subscription Vendor Tries To Stick It To Apple
Digital Mag Vendor Exact Extends Its Own iPad Subs Option
So Much For The Big Guns’ Online Music Plans
Spooked Publishers State Their Demands To Tablet Platforms
Apple Subs: Publishers Seek Clarity, FT Concerned, Some Sign Up
‘Apple Just F****d Over Online Music Subs’
Apple Will Motor By Taking A Cut Of Renewals
Apple Subs: Some Publishers Relieved They Dodged A Bullet
Concerned Publishers Group Says ‘Apple Is Not The Only Offer On The Table’
Apple’s Landgrab Could Chill Or Cheer Content Subs
Apple Wants Its Share Of Content Subscriptions
UK Examining Publishers’ E-book Pricing For Anti-Trust Breach
BBC’s iPlayer App Finally Nearing Release
Publishers’ iPad Subs’ Grumbles Earn Apple Antitrust Attention
Domino’s iPhone App Sells £1 Million In Pizza In Just Three Months
Future Sees iPad As A Bookazine Vehicle For Now
BBC Plans Subscription-Only U.S. iPlayer On iPad
First Look: Branson’s Virgin iPad Project Frustrates With Complexity
Video: Virgin’s iPad Mag ‘Project’ Gets Animated, Coming Tuesday
NYT Lets IHT Go Free For Now On iPad
Independent’s Lazy i Hits iPad
FT Gives Its Staff A $480 Bonus To Buy An iPad; CEO’s Memo
Apple Rivals Will Get Bite At Beatles’ Cherry Next Year
Apple’s Backward Beatles Deal Strives To Keep Downloads Afloat
First Spoils From The North-East’s iPad Fund
Times Tests iPad Disaggregation With One-Off Eureka Edition
An Unofficial iPad App Gives Away Guardian Stories
On Mobile & iPad: Sun’s Celebs Sub, Times Unifying Price, FT In Chinese
Economist Taking Intelligent Life To U.S. On iPad Only
Haymarket’s Debut Jaguar App Roams Free
Telegraph iPad App Is Latest Would-Be Paper, Free For At Least Three Months
Ping Pongs: What They’re Saying About iTunes’ Social Upgrade
Apple Lacks International TV Rentals, Packs A Price Premium
Apple Tries To Marry Music Recommendation And Retail, But No Streaming
Murdoch’s Times Misses A Third Month Of iPad Income
The Message Isn’t Always The Medium
BBC: HTML5 Is Not Ready For Video And Sailing Off-Course
Times Puts Some Ads Outside The Wall And On iPad As Web Display Reduces
Apple To Analysts: Supply Issues ‘A Good Problem To Have’
Weekend Video: Squeeze Use iPad As Keyboard On Live TV
Express Tinkering With iPad Pricing
Apple Isn’t ‘Recalling’ iPhone 4, But Should That Option Go On The Table?
Times UK Will Give iPad Income To Apple, Will Forgo One Month
iPad news figs: UK’s Times sold 5,000, FT shifted 130,000, WSJ 10,000 subs
iPad News Figs: UK’s Times Sold 5,000, FT Shifted 130,000, WSJ 10,000 Subs
On Rupert’s iPad: Times, Sky TV Show Different Charging Approaches
BT Planning A Tablet, But Not An ‘iPad Killer’
Video Demo: FT’s iPad App, Free For Now
WMG’s Bronfman Warms To Apple, Tip-Toes Around iTunes Speculation
Apple Shutting Lala: Subscription iTunes Soon?
First Look: FT’s iPad App Is Just Around The Corner
Daily Express Shows Off Its iPad App
German Tablet WePad On Unlikely Road To iPad Challenge
Targeted Advertising: WSJ Courting FT Readers For iPad Switch
BBC iPad App Popular In U.S., But Brits May Be Denied
Die Welt Preps Another iPad Replica Edition
Spectator’s iPad Mag Will Have Monthly ‘Pay Membrane’
Up Is Down: FT Free On iPad, Guardian Monthly Mobile Charge?
iPad Apps Won’t Count To ABC Net Circulation In UK
Cool-Seeking Newspapers Dream Of iPad
The First Ever iPad Newspaper App Comes To Life In Print
iPad’s Killer App: It Looks A Bit Like A Magazine
Rusbridger: ‘iPad Could Produce Significant Revenue Streams’
That Was Quick: Already, A Fund For iPad App Developers
iPad: Overseas 3G Deals Unclear Until At Least Summertime
Network Upgrades Promised After iPhone ‘Explosion’
Guardian’s iPhone App Sold 9,000 Downloads In First Two Days
Lala Land: How Apple’s Deal Gives It A Leg-Up To The Cloud
BBC’s Increasingly Popular iPlayer Struggles To Hit Xbox, iPhone
Newspapers Courting Gadget Lovers? There’s An Ad For That
Russell Grant Tries Monthly Subscription iPhone App (How Very Capricorn)
BBC Hovers On iPhone Apps Due To Apple Terms
Still Unclear Whether Apple Will Reboot iPhone UK Exclusive
Stephen Fry Tells It Like It Is On Online Piracy
UK Train Authority Banning Unofficial Mobile Apps
Nine Inch Nails Angry As Apple Blocks iPhone App Update
Coldplay-Edition Tap Tap Revenge Game Comes To iPhone
Whither iTunes Downloads? Band Releases Entire Discography Through App Store
Beatles back catalogue online for free: In Norwegian, for one month only
Apple Allowing iPhone Users To Buy Songs Over 3G Network
Confirmed: Apple Dropping DRM Across iTunes, New Pricing Structure, 3G Downloads
Broadband Content Bits: BT Vision Reaffirms Targets, RTL Joins iTunes
New Group Aims For Web Radio Standards; Intel Follows Apple’s Pure Investment
EMI launches personalised music discovery site for direct-to-fan retail
Music Sellers Try Fighting iTunes With ‘MP3 Compatible’ Kitemark
iTunes’ New Genius Engine: A Threat To Filters?
iTunes’ New Genius Engine: A Threat To Filters?
3 UK Abandons Multimedia Ambition, Fancies iPhone Carriage
iPhone Sales In Eastern Europe: Not So Good
iPhone Sales In Eastern Europe: Not So Good
Could ISPs’ Music Label Agreement Hurt iTunes, eMusic & Co?
iPhoneski Comes To Russia: MegaFone, Vimpelcom Sign Up; MTS Next?
‘iPhone Girl’ Finds Fame And Fear On The Production Line
Broadband Content Bits:, Yorkshire Ghosts, iTunes Cartoons
iPhone 3G Goes On Sale, Plagued By Activation Problems
Europe Wakes To iPhone 3G: Fanboys On The Frontline, Some Crashes
Sling Plans To Sell iPhone Player Via iTunes Store
iPhone Boosts iPlayer Traffic; BBC Podcasts To PSP, More Mobiles
BBC Puts iPlayer Catch-Up TV On iPhone
iPhone Users Eat ’30 Times’ More Data Than Others In Germany
European Patchwork A Possible Sticking Point For iTunes Movie Rentals
BBC Eyes iTunes, Apple TV Carriage; Hollywood Unlocks Door To A Mac iPlayer
Jobs’ Macworld Keynote: Minor iPhone Updates, Four Million Sold
Jobs’ Macworld Keynote: Movie Rentals, Apple TV ‘Take-Two’ Target Widescreen Viewers
Apple Lowers UK iTunes Prices For EU Harmony; Demands Labels Follow Suit
Sony Sells New BBC One Show On iTunes Under Auntie’s Nose
iPhone First Weekend Sales: T-Mob Shifts 10,000, UK Data Awaited
iPhone Friday: Jamster Readies Multimedia Content Portal
iPhone Friday: Germans First In Europe To Pick Up The Phone
Apple Blames Labels, Then Taxes For European iTunes Woes; Antitrust Attention May Intensify
Apple, Record Labels Each Deny Culpability For EC Price Differentials
Apple Slip-Up A Further Hint At Imminent iTunes Movie Rental Offering?
Apple, Record Labels To Defend EC iTunes Antitrust Charges This Month
Apple, Record Labels To Defend EC iTunes Antitrust Charges This Month
iTunes Store Launches U.K. TV Downloads; Crippled By Lack Of Domestic Programming
Eminem Sues Apple Over iTunes Downloads; Claims Universal Had ‘No Right’
With ‘Defensive’ iPhone, Apple Tries To Redefine Category
iTunes Non-DRM Files Retain User Data; Concerned Listeners Wonder Why
Apple Launches DRM-Less EMI Range At ‘iTunes Plus’, Academic Partnership Too
McCartney iTunes Delay Due To ‘Exclusive’, DRM-Less Next Week
Beatles Settle With EMI, iTunes Back Catalogue Soon?
EMI Drops DRM For New Premium Line-Up, Higher Price; Apple First
EU Setting Sights On Unlocking Apple’s iTunes DRM?
Apple vs Apple: Jobs and McCartney bury hatchet
Tube could be giant viral music network